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AK vs AA or KK - Gambling and Probability - Probability ... What are the odds of being dealt AK while someone has AA or KK? Thanks 2+2 Shortcuts ... Live Poker Casino & Cardroom Poker Venues & Communities Tournament Events Home Poker Cash Strategy Tournament Strategy ... AK vs AA or KK. If an opponent has AA, then there are 2 ways to get one of the remaining two aces and 4 ways for a king or 8 ways for ... AA vs J10 – odds and probability for the poker hands AA vs ... Mark | Poker Articles, Poker Rules AA vs J10. One of the most fun hands to play in Texas Hold’em is jack-ten, especially in suited guise. Although a rather marginal hand in most respects it can yield big rewards but playing it also has major downfalls too.The aim of this post is to give you an overview of odds and probability for the poker hands AA vs J10.

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texas-holdem-odds ... Any pocket pair: 16 to 1 (5.9%); Two suited cards: 3.25 to 1 (23.5%); A-K (Big .... Average winning odds for one hand versus another most often comes up in tournament play ... KK): Larger pair is at least an 80% favorite Heads-up Match-ups in Hold'em | However, knowing the odds of common pre-flop match-ups is a good starting point. ... Pair vs. Overcards. 5d-5h vs. Ac-Qs. This is the classic coin flip hand that you'll see many ... The A-K has three outs and it becomes a 70-30 percent situation or a 2.3-to-1 ... A hand such as Q-Q against 7-6 suited would be a prime example. Texas hold 'em starting hands - Wikipedia

No-Limit Hold'em poker is a game that's rooted in mathematics. Fortunately there are a number of shortcuts you can take when learning the game. We've got basic poker odds, outs and probabilities presented in a crash-course guide by the resident OddsShark Poker experts. One of the most important things that a poker player should know is what their odds are in a given situation.

The 13 Best Texas Hold'em Poker Hand Strength Charts [2019] The Best Texas Hold’em Hands by Winning Percentage Pocket Aces – statistically the best starting hand in Hold’em – are less than a 75% favorite against 2 or more opponents according to my Texas Hold’em hand rankings. Basic Odds For Preflop Hand Matchups in Poker - Poker Junkie Overpair against two smaller suited connectors (KK vs. 87s): KK will win 77% of the time (surprising to many newer players). Two overcards against two connecting smaller cards (AK vs. 76o): AK will win only about 62% of the time (also surprising to many newer players).

This is a discussion on value of AK suited within the online poker forums, in the Cash Games section; I think too many people put a lot of value on AK suited (or not suited for that matter).

Calling Pre-Flop All-In with KK or AK - Kevin Gong In this analysis, I'll examine when you should call with KK or AK in Texas Hold'em when your opponent shows great strength by making the third raise all-in pre-flop. I'll only examine cash games, not tournaments, so it's strictly a math problem. Also keep in mind that your opponent is making the third raise, not just a second raise. Poker Odds Calculator :: Holdem, 7 Card Stud, Omaha and more!

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Online Poker » Poker Strategy » Texas Hold Em » Playing AK. When most people are dealt AK, they treat it as if they were just dealt pocket aces or kings. And can you really blame them? It's the strongest non-made hand that you can be dealt and has great potential to win as ace-king high, top pair/top kicker, nut straights and flushes if suited. Texas Hold'em Odds | Hold'em Odds Chart - The Poker Bank Texas Hold'em Odds. The following Texas Hold em odds table highlights some common probabilities that you may encounter in Hold'em. It is not vital that you learn these probabilities, but it is useful to be aware of the chances of certain situations arising. Folding KK preflop? - Poker - Gambling - Page 1 - Forums ... Only fold KK pre-flop in a low-limit NLHE game if you know the player making the reraise would only do it with AA. There are plenty of players in low-limit NLHE who will reraise like you described with 10s, Js, and Qs. Some will even do it with AK suited or offsuit. Your KK are a massive favorite over all those hands.

POKER ODDS: WHAT ARE POKER ODDS. Poker odds otherwise know as poker percentages and are you chances of winning each hand you have been dealt from being dealt your whole cards right through the hand until the river but here we are going to look at some of the basic poker percentages for beginners dealing with just your whole cards this will give you a better under standing of what cards you ... Should I fold KK preflop? — Red Chip Poker Forum Should I fold KK preflop? ... suited Aces, suited face X, random hands vs late position opens and bluff 4betting a lot of Broadway combos, Ax's, and QQ+ Ak for value ... Video Poker - Jacks or Better Optimal Strategy Flashcards ... Video Poker - Jacks or Better Optimal Strategy study guide by msk218 includes 36 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades.